Weight loss supplements is a booming market, with billions spent on weight loss products annually. As the new year approaches, weight loss products will see increased sales as consumers become focused on losing weight for New Year’s resolutions.

What will be the latest trends in the weight loss supplement industry for 2017? Weight loss products will continue to be segmented into more targeted formulas to reach specific audiences. Instead of a generic weight loss supplement for all, products will feature unique ingredients that can be marketed to individual segments. These segments can include age, gender, or supporting heatlh ingredients.

Meal replacement products will also be a top trending weight loss supplement for private label nutraceutical distributors. These focus on flavors, ingredients, and additional benefits, such as vitamins and minerals to support overall health, or energy boWeight Loss Supplements Seasonosting ingredients. Also, superfoods and supergreens will increase in popularity for weight loss supplements and meal replacement products.

Including top selling ingredients, such as turmeric or probiotics, in weight loss supplements will also grow in popularity. As consumer focus on health methods of weight loss, the supporting ingredients will play a bigger role in the development of profitable weight loss supplements.

Convenience will also play a big part in weight loss supplements for consumers. Liquids are one way to ensure the end user will have an easy-to-use product on the go. With the busy schedules of today’s consumers, private label weight loss supplement distributors need to focus on simple delivery systems, as well as packaging.

When developing a best-selling weight loss supplement, it is important to work with a knowledgeable weight loss supplement contract manufacturer. This will ensure quality ingredients and truth in labeling and claim development. Norax Supplements works with every client through each step of the development process to ensure you are creating a weight loss supplement that will garner top sells and help your business grow. To learn how to develop lucrative weight loss supplements featuring your brand, contact Norax Supplements today!