Weight Loss: A Thriving Market For Supplement Distributors

Weight loss continues to be a dominant market for private label nutraceutical distributors. With obesity still a huge epidemic in today’s world, private label weight loss supplement distributors can expect to see continued growth in this category. The US is the leader in sales of weight loss and wellness products, and sales are expected to reach over $6B by 2021.

Because of competition within this market, private label weight loss distributors should consider several items when developing a top selling weight loss product. While the stereotypical consumer of weight loss products are adult females, the use of weight management products is growing quickly among adult males. Targeting unique products to each group can boost sales for private label weight loss distributors. Popular weight loss supplements may also be targeted by age, or diet specific, such as custom formulated keto supplements with your brand.

Weight loss supplements lead the weight management category, but other products such as meal replacements are gaining more appeal among consumers. Fortifying these products with other top-selling nutritional ingredients, such as turmeric or super greens, can also help distributors market an original private label weight loss product.

Convenience can also help your brand stand out on the shelves. Many private label weight loss distributors find that developing a unique delivery system can play a role in strong sales figures. Liquids are great for those on the go. Private label weight loss distributors can also consider single use packaging, such as stick packs, to provide an easy to use delivery system.

When developing a private label weight loss supplement, it is crucial to work with an experienced team. Norax Supplements has years of experience in developing top-selling weight loss nutraceuticals, and can discuss the latest industry trends with you as your create your next best seller. Whether you need an existing formula manufactured, or looking for custom private label supplement formulation, our NSF GMP registered manufacturing facility can help. Contact us today for a quote on your next best selling private label weight management supplement!

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