Private label multivitamins are a core category for nutritional supplement distributors, and can help nutraceutical businesses attract loyal buyers. Building a successful private label essential vitamin supplement depends on a number of factors, including formulation, target market, and product differentiation. In order for dietary supplement distributors to create a profitable private label multivitamin, it is important to understand how to create a multivitamin formula that stands out among the competition.

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Vitamins are organic substances, and can be either fat or water soluble. Fat soluble vitamins are stored by the body, while water soluble vitamins are flushed from the body. Because of this, individuals are more likely to be deficient in water soluble vitamins such as B & C vitamins, rather than fat soluble A, D, E & K vitamins. Private label multivitamin distributors should also be aware of recommended dietary allowances (RDA) that set forth standards of maximum daily intake of essential vitamins and minerals. Daily Values (DV) recommended by the FDA, which in some cases may differ slightly from RDAs, are used by dietary supplement distributors when creating %DV supplement panels.

Private Label Multivitamin DailyPrivate label multivitamins contain essential vitamins and minerals that are needed to support healthy function of the body. However, different population segments have drastically different needs when it comes to vitamins and mineral supplements. Before developing a private label multivitamin, dietary supplement distributors must know who their target audience is. Examples of top-selling multivitamin markets include gender specific nutritional formulations, age-specific products such as senior, children’s, or adolescent multivitamins, and condition specific such as pre- and postnatal multivitamins.

When developing category specific products, private label multivitamin distributors should include ingredients, in appropriate levels, that are highly marketable to their target audience. Dietary supplement distributors need to consider vitamin and mineral RDA and DV for each segment. Female multivitamins often have increased iron or folic acid levels than male vitamin and mineral dietary supplements. Senior private label multivitamins also need to take into consideration how the body processes essential vitamins and minerals as it ages. Some ingredients are not absorbed in the body as easily as individuals grow older, such as B-12, and should be increased. Other ingredients, such as iron and Vitamin A, are not needed and may even have adverse effects to older consumers, and should be decreased.

Developing a custom dietary supplement formulation for your private label multivitamin can help your nutraceutical business stand out in a crowded marketplace. Unique herbal ingredients can be added to further target individual groups of consumers. Weight loss and other vanity ingredients can be incorporated to promote an effective overall private label multivitamin.

Scientist in dietary supplement manufacturing research labBecause of the complexities of multivitamin formulation, it is extremely important to work with a reputable private label dietary supplement manufacturer. Norax Supplements can help you design a unique custom labeled multivitamin, including capsule, tablet, powder, and liquid multivitamin formulas – contact us today for more information on our complete private label multivitamin manufacturing service. Continue to follow our blog for more in-depth private label multivitamin manufacturing and ingredient insights!