Liquid Supplement Manufacturing

Advanced Liquid Manufacturing For Your Brand

Norax Supplements manufactures premium private label liquid supplements for your brand, in many best-selling categories. Liquid dietary supplements offer convenience to the end consumer and can be a valuable selling point for your private label liquid products.

Our liquid formulations are manufactured in an NSF GMP registered facility, with superior supplement ingredients and flavoring. Our liquid supplement formulators, flavor chemists, production specialists, and graphic artists word together with you to create private label liquid nutraceuticals with outstanding quality and remarkable taste.

Ingredients And Flavors For Standout Liquid Nutraceuticals

The quality of your private label liquid is determined by the quality of the raw materials used. Beyond product effectiveness, liquid supplement ingredients can also affect product viscosity, color, and other important characteristics of your private label nutraceutical.

Norax Supplements works with only preapproved raw material providers that have met rigorous qualifications, to maintain a high standard of private label liquid supplement manufacturing. Your liquid nutraceuticals are manufactured in a heat and humidity-controlled environment, which helps to ensure a consistent and safe product.

Another ingredient consideration for liquid supplements is flavoring. Taste is a crucial component of many drinkable supplements, and can help your brand grow and retain a loyal consumer base. We offer a variety of flavoring agents, ranging from mainstream to unconventional. Our flavor chemists can work with you to create the flavor you imagined for your private label liquid supplement.

Grow Your Brand With Innovative Liquid Supplements

If you are looking to stand out in the nutraceutical market, private label liquid dietary supplements offer a great deal of versatility and profitability. Norax Supplements can manufacture your existing formula, or develop formulations in hot categories such as:

  • Weight Loss
  • Energy & Endurance
  • Multivitamins
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Mood Support
  • Detox Formulas
  • Beauty & Anti-Aging

Comprehensive Private Label Liquid Packaging Solutions

From bottles to individual shots, sprays and drops, Norax Supplements covers all of your private label liquid supplement needs! We provide a variety of stock and custom bottling, closure, and finishing options for your private label liquid supplements. Our team of detailed graphic artists provides complete design support for both standard labels and liquid shot shrink labels, as well as value-add packaging such as boxes and point-of-sale displays.

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