Capsule Supplement Manufacturing

Quality Capsule Supplements Manufactured For Your Business

Capsule supplements are one of the most common and popular product forms for private label nutraceuticals. With a wide variety of options, Norax Supplements manufacturers high quality capsule supplements designed for your unique products.

Our capsule products are designed to run efficiently on high-speed production lines. High quality capsules mean your product is also top quality. Every capsule is manufactured under stringent cGMP guidelines to ensure the integrity of your products.

Capsule Supplements - Types and Options

Norax Supplements is a leading manufacturer of private label capsule formulations. Our in-house manufacturing allows you to choose multiple options to best suit the needs of your product and brand. With a wide variety of both standard and custom capsule options available, Norax Supplements will create high quality private label capsules to your ideal specifications.

Standard Size Options
Capsule Material
Vegetarian Capsules
Delayed Released
Hard Gelatin
Color & Finishes
Single Color

*Please contact our team to discuss stock and custom capsule development. Custom colors and styles may require longer lead times and incur additional fees.

Capsule Supplements – Features & Benefits

Vegetarian Capsules – this popular plant-based capsule supplement option is a great option for niche products targeted toward vegetarian consumers. Veggie caps allow you to appeal to the health-conscious consumer – they are also non-GMO, gluten-free, and preservative-free. Vegetarian capsule supplements are a great clean-label product option for your brand, and are also available in both standard and delayed release versions.

Vegetarian Capsules are Ideal for:

  • Herbal & Botanicals
  • Mineral Supplements
  • Combination Products
  • Hygroscopic Ingredients
  • Moisture Sensitive Supplements
  • Probiotics & Enzymes

Benefits of Vegetarian Capsules:

  • Developed using a physically stable polymer to protect product quality
  • Contains minimal moisture, suitable for supplement ingredients that may be compromised by moisture
  • Heat and humidity resistant

Delayed Release Vegetarian Capsules – these innovative plant-based capsules allow for a slower opening rate within the body, without the need of additional coatings. Delayed released capsules can also cover unpleasant tastes and odors, while also minimizing any aftertaste of your private label supplement.

Gelatin Capsules – standard gelatin capsules have been a longstanding mainstay within the nutraceutical industry because of consistent performance and cost effectiveness. Gelatin capsules are suitable for a wide variety of private label nutraceuticals.

Benefits of Gelatin Capsules:

  • Effectively designed to run on high-speed capsule filling equipment to increase
  • Dual snapping system to ensure leak-proof containment
  • Suitable for most private label supplements
  • High quality gelatin manufactured under cGMP guidelines
  • Popular and cost-effective capsule options

Capsule Manufacturing Quality Assurance

Norax Supplements aims to provide the best quality capsule supplement manufacturing for your business! Our full staff of manufacturing experts monitors quality throughout the process, from formulation to your end product. Every capsule is transparently manufactured under stringent quality regulations in our NSF GMP registered manufacturing facility.

Heat and humidity can affect the quality and efficiency of your capsule supplements. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility fills, packages, and warehouses your capsule product in a sterile, climate-controlled environment. This attention to detail ensures that the quality of your private label capsules is not compromised by environmental factors during the manufacturing process.

Capsule Supplement Packaging Options

The packaging for your capsule supplements is just as important as the product inside. Norax Supplements offers a large selection of packaging solutions for your capsule supplements. Our team of professional and knowledgeable designers develop tailored solutions for your unique brand and business.

We can design your logo and label, as well as specialty packaging to help your brand stand out. Choose from a wide variety of bottles and closures, as well as custom boxes and point-of-sales displays for your private label capsule supplements. Norax Supplements works with you to ensure both high quality products, and superior brand-focused packaging.

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