Sports nutrition supplements are a top revenue generating category for private label supplement distributors, with US consumers purchasing almost $6B in sports health supplements in 2014. This category outperforms many vitamin and minerals, and nutritional health distributors need should offer their customers a wide variety of athletic support supplements to capitalize on this popular trend.

Sports Nutrition - Athletic Men & WomenSports nutrition is no longer a male dominated category. Private label nutraceutical distributors can build their business and expand their profits by developing sports nutrition supplements that target both genders. Men’s products typically promote weight, mass, and muscle gain, as well as energy, endurance, and stamina. Female sports nutrition supplements focus on toning muscle, “lean bodies,” and fat burning. These brands often use bold, masculine colors and designs; however, feminine sports nutrition supplements may have softer design elements in brand or label designs.

Product form must also be considered when developing a sports nutrition supplement. Innovative supplements within the industry are often in powder form, but liquids are growing in popularity as a convenient method of delivery for busy athletes. Other unique forms include gummy and dissolving tablets, to name a few. Sports nutrition distributors should always speak with a knowledgeable private label nutraceutical distributor to discuss product form, as the ingredients within a specific formula may also dictate delivery method.

Top sports nutrition supplements include both innovative ingredients and essential vitamins, such as vitamin D, as well as minerals such as iron. Custom dietary supplement formulation is important to sports nutrition distributors, as creating a targeted, unique multivitamin or mineral supplement can help your dietary supplement brand stand out among the competition.

Sports Nutrition Supplements - Probiotic Complete BottleAs the science behind probiotics grows, these “good bacteria” supplements will also continue to increase in popularity among the sports nutrition marketplace. Probiotics play an important role in gut health and overall health through immunity support, which can be targeted towards athletes looking to remain healthy while pushing their bodies to the limits.

Whey protein has always been a top-seller in the sports nutrition supplements marketplace. Traditionally, whey is thought to support muscle growth and mass gain. However, it may also be marketed as a meal replacement product. There have been many advances in the technology behind whey protein, and formulas based in science can fetch top dollar for nutritional supplement distributors. Creatine is another consistently top performing product in the dietary supplement market, and along with whey, should be the cornerstone of a well thought out sports supplement line.

Finally, sports nutrition supplement distributors should ensure that they are offering products that support energy and endurance. Caffeine based products are one source of energy, but other vitamins and minerals can also be used in supporting extended performance for athletes. B-12 and other B vitamin complexes can provide energy – for more effective products, energy enhancing ingredients can be added to create a unique nutraceutical formulation for your brand.

Dietary supplement distributors within the private label sports health industry benefit from working with a leading contract manufacturer of nutritional products, as this category is dominated by scientific formulas and well thought out brand identity. Norax Supplements can provide your business with complete support in developing your best-selling athletic health nutraceuticals – contact us today!