Sexual health supplements can be designed to meet a number of purposes, such as providing energy and endurance or increasing libido. It is crucial for supplement distributors to understand ingredients and their purpose when developing a core sexual support product in this profitable market segment. Ingredients used in sexual health are often gender specific. What may work for men may not be as effective for women’s health, so creating a target product is important in reaching sexual health supplements consumers.

Couple Kissing - Sexual Health SupplementsWomen’s sexual health supplements may contain essential nutrients in order to provide overall health in conjunction with sexual support. For example, an iron deficiency may lead to fatigue, and in turn may slow sexual drive. For this reason, a nutraceutical distributor may consider adding iron and other essential vitamins and minerals to their targeted women’s sexual health supplement. Research has also shown that Tribulus Terrestris, a spiny Mediterranean plant, may help women with libido related issues. Maca, a South American root vegetable, also may help counteract lowered sexual drive in women caused by antidepressant usage.

Sexual Health Supplements and Erectile DysfunctionMen’s sexual health supplements often focus on erectile dysfunction. Many ingredients found in sports health supplements are also used in sexual support nutraceuticals. Amino acid L-Arginine is converted into nitric oxide in the body, and may assist in healthy blood flow and circulation to provide stronger erections. Another amino acid, L-Carnitine, can support increased blood flow and increase the effectiveness of prescription erectile dysfunction medicines such as Viagra. Niacin is another ingredient found in both sports health and cholesterol support supplements. Because it may also help blood flow and circulation issues, it has also been touted as a potent sexual health supplement ingredient. Another ingredient thought to improve male libido is TongKat Ali, also known as Longjack. This potent sexual health supplement ingredient is derived from eurycoma longifolia, a flowering plant native to Asia. Epimedium, also known as Horny Goat Weed, is another Asian plant that is commonly found in products targeted towards erectile dysfunction.

Panax Ginseng is an ingredient well suited to both genders, as it supports healthy energy levels and endurance. Other energy providing ingredients, such as B vitamins, are well suited towards custom sexual health supplement formulations for both men and women.

Private Label Dietary Supplements For Sexual HealthOne of the biggest issues dietary supplement distributors face within the sexual health supplements industry is providing a legitimate product. Adulteration is a top problem within the sexual health supplement industry. Nutraceutical distributors looking to create an effective and safe product for their customers must ensure that they are working with a reputable private label supplement manufacturer with stringent quality control measures.

Norax Supplements provides nutraceutical distributors within the sexual health supplements industry with top quality products that they can trust. We offer a wide range of base formula options for sexual health supplements, or can produce a unique nutraceutical for your brand. For more information regarding developing a custom or private label sexual health supplement, contact our team today!