As the New Year approaches, consumers become focused on developing new and healthy habits, which also means increased sales for private label supplement distributors. The top New Year’s resolutions include weight loss, working out, eating healthy, and a variety of other health and beauty issues. Dietary supplement distributors can capitalize on the latest private label supplements trends by providing their customers advanced nutraceuticals, custom labeled and marketed towards this massive audience.

Young woman with measure tapeWeight loss is the number one resolution for many people during this time of year. With consumers spending billions on weight loss supplements globally, it is extremely important to offer high-quality weight management products consisting of ingredients with high levels of consumer awareness. Top-selling weight loss supplements include garcinia cambogia, green coffee bean extract, raspberry ketones, forskolin, and other natural and safe ingredients. Consumers seeking weight loss remedies in the New Year often look for private label supplements that contain multiple fat-burning ingredients. For this reason, weight loss supplement distributors should consider custom nutraceutical formulation and manufacturing to develop a premium health product containing a variety of these highly sought after weight loss ingredients.

Fitness is also a top health goal for many individuals during the New Year. Sports nutrition supplements see a surge in sales as people look to gain muscle, tone fat, and increase athletic endurance. This market segment gravitates towards the latest advances within the industry, so it is important to work with a nutraceutical contract manufacturer that can provide insight and formulation services to sports nutrition distributors. Powdered private label supplements are also popular to the sports nutrition market, such as pre-and post-workout nutritional formulations, whey protein, and cardiovascular support products. Amino acids are extremely important to sports nutrition products, as well as nitric oxide formulations to support energy levels.

Natural Herbal Private Label SupplementsOverall health also tops the New Year’s resolution list for a large portion of consumers. Nutraceutical distributors should focus on general health and wellness supplements for this market segment. Core vitamins and minerals provide a consistent revenue flow throughout the year, and many supplement marketers can capture this audience and increase brand loyalty during this time of year. Private label supplement sellers can develop unique nutraceutical delivery systems for these standard products to elevate them in the consumers’ eyes. For example, a nutritional powdered drink mix or a liquid nutraceutical are convenient for today’s busy lifestyles and can help your private label supplements brand stand out among the competition within the natural health industry. One of the hottest ingredients in overall health and wellness supplements is greens, whether in drinks or pill form. Also, essential fatty acids, such as fish oil and omega-3, will continue to sell for premium prices to consumers seeking health support.

Finally, it is crucial that nutritional supplement distributors work with a trusted nutraceutical contract manufacturer when developing private label supplements. An experienced private label nutraceuticals manufacturer can help you design logos and labels that will reach your target audience, as well as ensure that all information is both correct and meets all necessary regulations. Norax Supplements offers ecommerce sellers, practitioners, retail stores, and other business models complete nutraceutical contract manufacturing services, including custom formulation, graphic design, quality control, and global fulfillment. Contact us today, and don’t miss your opportunity to provide millions of customers your high-quality, private label supplements.