Private label probiotics are an important category for nutraceutical distributors, due to growing scientific support for the benefits of this powerful nutritional supplement. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that promote healthy digestion, and may also provide protection against “bad” bacteria.

Balanced diet - healthy eating and stomach healthProbiotics are found in foods such as yogurt, as well as other foods fortified with this “good” bacteria. For probiotics to provide benefits, they must be alive when administered. The most popular and highly researched strains include Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria, which have been studied for use in conditions such as diarrhea associated with antibiotic usage, as well as irritable bowel syndrome.

Supplement distributors may also find it profitable to offer multiple private label probiotic versions. Research supports the need to switch probiotic strains every few months for maximum health benefit. While recommendations differ, private label probiotic supplements should offer a minimum of 20 billion live organisms per serving to be effective.

Private Label ProbioticPrivate label probiotics can be developed in multiple forms, but does not affect effectiveness. The most common forms are capsules and tablets, powders, and liquids. Supplement distributors should determine their audience when developing their private label probiotics. Liquids can be targeted towards those seeking convenience, while powders may be more suitable for sports nutrition supplements or meal replacement drinks.

Consumers in the market for a private label probiotic are often more knowledgeable on the benefits of probiotics. While the FDA has not approved any health claims for probiotics, supplement distributors need to ensure they are working with a high quality private label probiotic contract manufacturer in order to guarantee truth in labeling and product safety. Packaging should be clear on both the probiotic strain used, as well as the amount of probiotic in each serving size.

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