Private label probiotic supplements are one of the fastest growing markets for nutraceuticals distributors. Distributors must focus on providing scientifically advanced, safe probiotic supplements for their customers. The science behind probiotic efficiency continues to grow, prompting increased sales of these powerful and profitable private label probiotic supplements.

Probiotics are microorganisms, such as live bacteria and yeasts, which provide a variety of health benefits. One of the most commonly known benefits of private label probiotic supplements is supporting overall gut health. Not only do private label probiotic supplements promote a healthy digestive track, they are also thought to support a healthy immune system. This makes private label probiotic formulations crucial to general health and wellness.

There are many different groups of probiotic strains, so it is important for private label probiotics distributors to understand each category. Popular and profitable probiotic bacteria species include:

Lactobacillus – The most common and important of the strains that live in the small intestine, lactobacillus bacteria produce lactase. Lactase is required to break down lactose, and produces lactic acid that discourages the growth of “bad” organisms. Popular strains for private label probiotic distributors include L. acidophilus, L. plantarum, L. casei, L. paracasei, and L. salivarius.

Bifidobacterium – These healthy bacteria are found in the large intestine and like Lactobacillus, also produce lactic acid which helps regulate normal pH levels in the digestive system. Bifidobacterium numbers in the intestine have been found to decline through the normal aging process. The best strains for private label probiotic distributors include B. bifidum, B. breve, B. lactis, and B. longum.

Streptoccocus – Many streptococcus bacteria are considered harmful, with the exception of the S. Thermophillus strain. This lactic acid bacteria strain promotes healthy bacteria and immune response. It is also the most popular bacteria used in the dairy industry.

Private Label Probiotic Scientifically Formulated For Your BusinessWhen developing private label probiotics, it is wise to create a proprietary formulation containing multiple strains. Potency is also crucial, and is typically listed at number of microorganisms per dosage. Probiotics can be a stand alone product, or be added into other products (such as sports nutrition mixes) to increase marketing reach and ROI. Developing a custom private label probiotic formulation can help your business stand out among the competition.

Because your product features live bacteria, it is extremely important to work with a contract manufacturer that develops and produces private label probiotic supplements under strict quality control measures. Norax Supplements is a top contract manufacturer for the production of scientifically advanced private label probiotic formulations, and can help your business by formulating custom private label probiotic supplements with potencies up to 50 million organisms containing top-selling strains. Contact our knowledgeable team today to start developing your next best-selling private label supplement featuring YOUR brand!