Nutritional Supplement ManufacturingMen’s health supplements are a large and growing segment of the multibillion dollar nutritional supplement industry, and nutraceutical distributors should familiarize themselves with the most popular (and profitable) private label mens supplements.

Male supplements dominate the top-grossing private label sports nutrition category, but it is also important to offer private label mens supplements in other popular categories such as sexual health and overall wellness. Having gender focused, private label mens supplements allow nutraceutical distributors to target their intended audience more efficiently, resulting in higher sales and ROI.

Sports nutrition is a popular category for private label men’s supplements. Within this category, there are many options for successful private label men’s supplements. Whey proteins and other athletic support drinks are hot products for the male audience, but private label men’s supplements should also feature more complex (and therefore unique) products to target their intended market. Products include muscle building, strength and endurance, and cardiovascular support. Creatine and L-Carnitine formulations are also highly demanded private label mens supplements. Also, glutamine and other joint formulations should be offered by private label men’s supplement distributors. Custom formulations of these products are useful for standing out in the private label mens supplement marketplace.

Today’s male population is becoming more focused on health, and in turn, spending more on natural and preventative methods of maintaining wellness. Many of today’s popular nutritional ingredients are given a powerful boost with male targeting. Obvious formulas that private label mens supplement distributors need to provide is products that target male conditions, such as prostate or testosterone support formulas. However, other popular ingredients can be marketed towards men with success. Turmeric, a popular ingredient thought to provide anti-inflammatory support, is also found in prostate, erectile dysfunction, and infertility supplements.

Private Label Mens SupplementsMultivitamins designed for males is a profitable option for private label men’s supplement distributors. These products usually contain 100% of the USDA recommendations coupled with ingredients thought to support men’s health. For example, additional B Vitamins for energy could be added to a custom multivitamin formulation. Also, additional amino acids and antioxidants can be found in private label mens supplements. A reputable nutraceutical contract manufacturer can help you determine ingredients and formulations for your private label mens supplement formulation.

Sexual health is a top concern for men, and therefore is a top-selling category in private label mens supplements. Ingredients designed to support energy, endurance, and libido are big sellers in the private label men’s supplement market. Korean Red Panax Ginseng, Tongkat Ali, Maca, and Horny Goat Weed are a few of the popular private label mens supplements designed to support sexual health.

When developing an effective and safe private label mens supplement, a reputable supplement manufacturer can help you formulate a nutraceutical with consumer appeal. Norax Supplements offers high-quality ingredients and custom formulation services to help your private label mens supplement stand out in the marketplace – contact us today!