Private Label Herbal SupplementsPrivate label herbal supplements are seeing increasing sales for private label nutraceutical distributors. With more scrutiny on safety and regulatory compliance, contract dietary supplement manufacturers are focusing on producing safe and effective private label herbal supplements for health suppliers and their consumers.

Consumers are demanding private label herbal supplements that contain natural ingredients. Private label herbal supplements can be marketed in multiple categories for herbal nutraceutical distributors, including weight loss, overall health and wellness, mental and mood support, and solution formulas, to name a few.

There are many popular private label herbal weight loss supplement ingredients that can prove to be profitable for nutraceutical distributors. Forskolin is a naturally occurring compound derived from the Coleus Forskohlii plant thought to support effective weight maintenance and loss. Green Tea Extract is another powerful herbal nutraceutical for private label herbal supplement distributors. This potent antioxidant is often marketed towards the weight loss segment. Another herbal ingredient popular for weight management is White Kidney Bean Extract, which also offers weight management properties and is thought to block carbohydrates.

Many private label herbal supplements safely support overall health and wellness. Turmeric is a trending herbal ingredient found in private label nutraceuticals. This comprehensive ingredient offers natural anti-inflammatory properties, and can provide a host of benefits for consumers. Another herbal ingredient that supports overall wellness and healthy blood sugar support is Panax Ginseng. Also known as Korean Ginseng, this ingredient is derived from the roots of an Asian plant and provides a multitude of health benefits for consumers.

Private Label Herbal Supplements - Turmeric Green Tea Panax GinsengMany natural and safe private label herbal supplements are used for mental and mood health, as well as supporting healthy stress levels. St. John’s Wort and Saffron remain top-selling ingredients in this category. Private label herbal supplement distributors can carry these products as single ingredient herbal supplements, or combine them with other natural herbal ingredients to provide a cohesive custom private label herbal supplement.

It is extremely important that you are offering your customers top quality herbal supplements. Using a reputable private label herbal supplement contract manufacturer such as Norax Supplements assures that you are getting a safe and effective herbal supplement. Contact us today to learn more about custom labeling your own profitable private label herbal supplement!