Nutraceutical Product Forms: The Shape of Your Supplement Business

Nutritional supplement distributors often come to our custom formulation team at Norax with new ideas for top-selling dietary supplement products. It is common that business owners in the nutraceutical industry have considered what unique ingredient the formulation is centered around, and they may even already have the formula finalized. However, many health product distributors may not have considered an important factor in the development of their private label supplement: what product form would work best for the formulation?

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There are several factors to consider when determining product form. First, does the bioavailability lend itself naturally to a specific product form? Do any required ingredients need to be combined with additional ingredients to be absorbed by the body? Or does a product characteristic lend itself to a certain product form? For example, ingredients with a strong taste may be best suited in a capsule formula rather than a liquid or tablet.  This may also define a specific nutraceutical delivery system or dietary supplement product form.

Another consideration that supplement distributors must make is how the intended audience will use the product. Is it for a younger audience that needs an easily chewable tablet? For the on-the-go dietary supplement consumer that wants a convenient liquid or shot form? Supplement distributors in some segments may find that they can increase intrinsic product value for their customers by using vegetarian capsules versus gelatin capsules.

Supplement distributors can increase sales and profit with product “kits” that contains multiple product forms. Especially successful for top-grossing nutritional categories such as sports nutrition and weight loss, bundles generally consist of capsule, liquid, and powder nutraceuticals meant to be used in conjunction as part of an ongoing system. In today’s health marketplace, supplements come in many forms – capsules, tablets, liquids, powders, and more – and the distributor needs to carefully review the product and the target market when addressing the nutraceutical product’s delivery system.

Because Norax Supplement offers in-house formulation and contract manufacturing of multiple product forms, we can help your nutritional distribution business make the best choice for your next best-selling private label dietary supplement. It is extremely important to work with a dietary supplement contract manufacturer that can develop multiple types of products under one roof, and with the transparency that in-house manufacturing offers – contact us today to see how we can help your business grow!

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