Clean Label Trends In The Dietary Supplement Industry: A Guide For Private Label Distributors

“Clean label” is a phrase often heard in the private label nutraceutical industry, but what does it mean for your business?

The trend of clean labels has increased in popularity as consumers become more aware of the ingredients they put in their bodies. While there is currently no official description of “clean label” requirements provided by the FDA, the most accepted definition is nutraceuticals that contain simple ingredients and minimal processing. These dietary supplements typically will not contain preservatives, GMO ingredients, allergens, and/or gluten.

Many of these supplements substitute naturally occurring vitamins and minerals versus synthetically produced versions. This has been seen with increased sales of herb and botanical based nutritional supplements. Consumers are seeking easily recognizable ingredients, and will also pay a premium for products that are presented as “natural” or “organic.”

Clean labeling has also affected delivery systems. Plant or veggie based tablets and capsules will see increased market share for private label supplement sellers. Currently, veggie capsules have been the easiest to adopt for a clean label supplements. Tablets often require many additional binding ingredients that do not fit the clean label trend; other novel dosage forms such as gels or gummies also may require synthetic additives. For this reason, capsules have been the forerunner for clean label nutraceuticals.

Outside of the product contents, clean labeling also entails an easy to decipher, truthful label. The message and ingredients should be easy to understand, with a targeted and concise label. Clean labels promote transparency of ingredients, and of the company itself. Clean labels may also promote sustainability and help customers stay engaged with the brand outside of the store.

Clean labels are moving to becoming more of a norm for private label nutraceutical sellers. With consumers demanding safety and efficiency, the label and product should both provide quality reassurance to the intended target market.

In order to develop an effective clean label, dietary supplement sellers should work with a contract manufacturer that provides trusted formulation, production, and labeling services. Norax Supplements can support your company throughout the process and help you bring quality clean label nutraceuticals featuring your brand to market.

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