Probiotic Supplement Manufacturing

Manufacturing Top Quality Probiotic Formulas For Your Brand

Probiotic formulas are targeted products for digestive health, and contain live bacteria that are found in the digestive system. Probiotics have become a mainstream name in the natural health industry, and consumer demand has seen continuous growth over recent years.

Because probiotics are sensitive to the elements, managing product quality throughout the manufacturing process is extremely important. Norax Supplements is an NSF GMP registered probiotic supplement manufacturer, and is your trusted source for high-quality private label probiotic formulas.

Probiotic Formulation Development Process

We provide streamlined probiotic formula manufacturing in an advanced production facility. From conception to the final product, Norax Supplements is here to assist you with each step of the development process for your best-selling private label probiotic formulas!

  • Formulation Support
  • Flavoring Services
  • Automated & Large Volume Manufacturing
  • Label & Logo Design
  • Bottling & Packaging
  • In-House & Third-Party Testing
  • Regulatory & Compliance Support

Manufacturing Quality You Can Trust

Norax Supplements provides accurate, consistent, and transparent manufacturing for your business. Your products are our business! We provide thorough quality control throughout the development, manufacturing, and packaging process.

Norax Supplements is an NSF GMP manufacturing company, with climate-controlled manufacturing to protest the quality of your private label probiotic. All raw materials are sourced from vetted and approved vendors, ensuring your probiotic formulas contain only high-quality ingredients that are safe for your customer and business.

  • Precision Sports Nutrition Formulation Services
  • Extensive Flavoring Options
  • High Volume Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Heat & Humidity-Controlled Facility
  • NSF GMP Registered For Quality Assurance

Digestive Health Formulas Designed For Your Brand

Our manufacturing process allows you to develop high quality products that fit your business, strategy, and customer. Private label probiotic formulas can contain a variety of digestion heath ingredients. Our knowledgeable team can formulate and expertly manufacturer prebiotic and probiotic dietary supplements to meet your exact needs.

With low MOQs beginning at 1000 units, we make it easy for your business to enter the market. For larger companies, we offer high speed automation and state-of-the-art manufacturing to quickly and easily produce larger orders.

Our full-service graphics team ensures your product labeling is a good fit for your brand. Our talented designers can help with logo, package and label design, and truth in labeling. We ensure each customer meets all regulatory guidelines, allowing your business to grow without worry.

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