Cannabidiol SupplementsCannabidiol Oil (CBD) has quickly gained immense popularity in the natural health community, but there are many questions regarding the legality of this multiuse ingredient. CBD is a legal ingredient for private label nutraceutical distributors to add to their product portfolio, if sourced correctly.

CBD is derived from either hemp or marijuana plants. Both hemp and marijuana are from the cannabis family, and share many similar properties. The biggest difference between the two sources is the amount of the psychoactive Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) the plants produce. Marijuana plants can contain up to 30% THC, while hemp contains less than 0.3%. Hemp does not possess the high inducing qualities of marijuana, and the law allows the sale of hemp products across all 50 states.

Because of misinformation and confusion between hemp and marijuana, there is an unfounded stigma surrounding CBD legality. From a legal standpoint, hemp-based CBD has all rights as a legal ingredient in dietary supplements. Marijuana-based CBD is legal in some states, but to avoid issues as a national seller, it is important to source CBD from hemp for national sales. CBD containing THC is legal at some level in 46 states, but many require a prescription.

Cannabidiol Oil Molecule

Cannabidiol (CBD) cannabis molecule. Skeletal formula.

CBD is thought to have many applications. Cannabidiol supplements are available in multiple forms, including liquid tinctures and capsule products. CBD is found in overall wellness, weight management, sports recovery, and other solution nutraceuticals. Cannabidiol is poised to become the next biggest private label supplement for distributors this year.

CBD Liquid Drops SupplementsIn order to be ahead of competition within this profitable supplement category, cannabidoil supplement distributributors can focus on developing unique CBD formulations, as well as a targeted brand for these products. When creating your next best selling cannabidiol supplement, it is important to be aware of legal issues within production and labeling for these formulations. Working with a high quality manufacturer such as Norax Supplements will ensure your product is both legal and top quality.

Hemp based cannabidiol supplements will continue to see explosive sales, despite the misinformation regarding this useful nutraceutical ingredient. As consumer awareness of CBD and its beneficial properties grow, there does seem to be an indicator that both hemp and marijuana sourced CBD will be available legally in the near future. Our experienced CBD supplement manufacturing team can help you formulate, produce, and label a CBD nutraceutical that meets all legal requirements. Contact Norax Supplements today and start developing CBD supplements featuring your brand in the hottest health categories now!